Tree Surgeons In Clapham

South London Tree Surgery provides insured and certified tree surgeons in Clapham and throughout South London. 

As Clapham tree surgeons, we often work near Clapham Common, Wandsworth Park, Clapham Junction, Oaklands Estate and the High Street.

Our company delivers various tree care services to commercial and residential customers, including tree pruning, felling, planting, and stump removal.

We hold specialist £10 million Public & Employers Liability Insurance to cover our operations, staff, clients and the public.

We’re also members of CHASAlcumus SafeContractor, and have QMS ISO9001 & ISO14001 accreditation.

From initial enquiry to project completion, we guarantee professional service and total customer satisfaction.

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Tree Surgery In Clapham

South London Tree Surgery offers a wide range of tree surgery services in Clapham and the nearby regions.

Our staff have extensive knowledge and can advise you on the most effective solutions to meet your project goals.

All our services are available on a contractual and ad hoc basis.

Tree Pruning In Clapham

Pruning is a commonly requested service, as it offers the opportunity to use numerous techniques to achieve specific goals.

Regular tree pruning can enhance your trees’ health and appearance while reclaiming outdoor space.

Types of pruning services include:

Crown lifting

Crown lifting increases the distance between the ground and the lowest branches of a tree.

Crown thinning

Crown thinning decreases the density of the crown, reducing weight and wind resistance.

Crown cleaning/dead wooding

Crown cleaning eliminates deadwood, crossed branches, and epicormic growth.

Crown reductions

Crown reductions decrease the size of a tree’s crown by a specific percentage, typically around 20%. 

Formative Pruning

Formative pruning involves selectively removing or shortening branches to reduce the chances of future issues.

*Potential issues in trees may include co-dominant stems, crossed or acutely angled branches.

Bad Pruning Practices


Many rogue tree surgeons use topping and lopping to achieve a specific height or view. This harsh process involves removing all limbs and foliage with no attention given to correct pruning procedures. 

When a tree lacks growth points for regeneration and leaves for photosynthesis, it can often lead to dieback or complete death.

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Tree Felling In Clapham

Safe tree felling necessitates appropriate equipment, training, and experience. Our tree company comprises experienced and NPTC-Qualified tree surgeons with access to the latest tools and equipment.

There are two accepted techniques for tree felling.

Sectional Tree Felling 

Clapham is densely populated, so your tree will likely require sectional tree felling/dismantling.

With sectional tree felling, we remove parts of the tree in manageable sections to avoid damage to nearby objects, structures or property.

Our qualified arborists will evaluate the tree and its surroundings to choose the most appropriate approach for a safe dismantling process.

Here are some possible methods for removing a tree in a challenging location.

  • To ascend the tree, using ropes and a harness.
  • Gain access using a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) or a Cherry Picker.
  • Utilise controlled cutting, free fall, and rigging techniques to guide the branches or stem to the ground safely.
  • A crane or grapple saw can safely remove sections and prevent damage to objects, structures or property.

Straight Tree Felling

If space permits, a qualified arborist will fell a tree as a whole. The tree feller will make precise cuts at the tree’s base, and control its direction through ropes, wedges, pulleys, or winches.

Due to tall trees requiring more space, tree surgeons generally use straight tree felling for smaller trees or forestry operations.

Contact our team for a free consultation or to schedule a tree-felling quotation with a friendly, professional arborist. 

Tree Removal In Clapham

After we cut down a tree, most clients typically request it be taken away and properly disposed of.

Depending on location, we have various tree removal methods, but most commonly, we’ll process the branches using a wood chipper and then extract the timber. 

The way we remove trees is dependent on the location and ground topography. Still, we will usually process the branches using a chipper and then extract the timber mechanically or by hand.

We responsibly dispose of all waste generated by our operations, and it’s most often repurposed or used biomass for energy production.

South London Tree Surgery can offer Tree removal separately, or we can include it with our tree felling services. Contact us for further information or to schedule a free quotation.

Tree Stump Removal In Clapham

You might need to have a tree stump removed for various reasons, but one of the most common is when it obstructs access or interferes with an upcoming project. Stumps can also pose a potential safety risk and can be visually unappealing.

The most efficient method for stump removal is through using specialised machinery.

Stump grinders are machines designed to cut stumps into small fragments using cutting teeth on a flywheel.

The grindings will fill the hole left from the stump, initially forming a mound but levelling off over time as they break down. 

While stump grinders are the most effective way to remove stumps, it is crucial to note that they can be dangerous and cause damage if not operated correctly.

The operators at South London Tree Surgery are trained, qualified, and insured for all stump removal services in Clapham and the surrounding areas.

To inquire about a stump removal project or to receive a stump grinding quotation, please contact us for a free consultation.

Tree Surgeon In Clapham
Arborist Hedge Trimming in Clapham

Hedge Trimming In Clapham

At South London Tree Surgery, we possess the expertise, equipment, and insurance to trim hedges of any type or size effectively.

Our hedge specialists utilise various tools such as hedge trimmers, ladders, ropes, harnesses, and MEWPs/Cherrypickers to shape hedges according to specific requirements precisely.

We offer a wide range of hedge-cutting services, from reductions and trimming to removal and re-planting/replacement. 

We can also schedule hedge maintenance plans to help clients keep their properties tidy all year round. 

Contact us today for a free consultation or a no-obligation hedge-trimming quotation with a reliable tree surgery business.

Tree Pollarding In Clapham

Tree pollarding is considered the heaviest form of pruning, and you should only pollard suitable trees.

Pollarding involves the removal of a trees’ upper branches, leaving only a few main limbs and a stem.

Some benefits of pollarding trees include:

  • The shade cast by the canopy is reduced.
  • Prevents branches from causing interference the surroundings.
  • Accessibility and visibility around the tree are improved.
  • Lowers risk of limbs and dead branches causing damage
  • A method of creating a sustainable wood source
  • Extends the life of the tree

Only certain tree species and younger trees respond well to pollarding. If you pollard an unsuitable tree, it may become unstable, diseased, or die completely.

Examples of tree species which react positively to pollarding include broadleaf tree species, such as limes, horse chestnuts, and London planes. In contrast, pollarding evergreens like fir trees and conifers is not recommended.

After pollarding a tree, regular re-pollarding is necessary to prevent safety concerns. The unions formed during limb re-growth can be unstable and may result in serious failures. With this in mind, it’s critical to re-pollard your tree every three to five years.

Our professional arborists will evaluate your trees and instruct you if pollarding is appropriate.

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Conservation Areas and TPOs/Tree Preservation Orders In Clapham

Before beginning work on any hedges or trees in Clapham, you must check their protection status. 

To determine the status of your tree or hedge, please refer to the official website of your local council and follow the provided instructions. 

For Clapham, your trees will likely fall under Lambeth Council or Wandsworth Borough Council.

Before providing a quotation, we ensure to check the status of all trees and can also apply for permission on your behalf if necessary.

Contact us for additional information regarding TPOs and to schedule a quotation with no obligation.

Our Tree Care Service Area In And Near Clapham

Our experienced tree surgeons in Clapham serve the surrounding local areas, including:

  • Clapham Common
  • Clapham High Street
  • Clapham Junction
  • Clapham North 
  • Clapham South
  • Wandsworth Common
  • Oaklands Estate

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